Testimonials & Reviews

I’ve been working as QA/QC with a flow line crew for 3 years and the Reidterra Tracer Wire Stations have been an asset to our installation. They withstand all types of ground and weather conditions also ensuring the tracer wire will be easily located in years to come. The face plate allows us to label where each flow line runs to and from, making it fool proof for everyone involved in the field. These stations have brought us an overall positive outcome in the quality of finishing work being done.

Jen Gagnon

Since these tracer wire stations have been installed at our wells and satellites, I have probably saved 4,000km on my company truck, because I know where all of our flow lines go

Oil & Gas Operator

Since we started using Reidterra tracer wire stations I’ve noticed how much neater our multi leg headers look with all the tracer wires attached to the tracer wire stations. A place to put the line identification tags is a bonus making it a lot easier for our operators and crews to identify each line. Our surveyors and sweepers have commented how well our identification system is and how easy it is to hook up to the posts instead of having to dig up tracer wires. Innovations like this are simple and cheap but can make a difference in your operations.

Garry Matthewson

Detecting buried facilities is the most important part of a construction prior to any excavations. Without organized and protected tracer wire leads- there is no way to detect the non-metallic products being used in the oil and gas industry. Reidterra has the solution for keeping your traceable leads accessible at surface. Traceability and identification will be provided, when using Reidterra products, for the life of all new and old installations.

RedBeds Resources

I have been using the tracer wire stations for the last three or so years and with the hardware that is already included with them the crew has not had any issues about forgetting to connect the wire to the station. We have yet to have a tracer wire station that has been missing hardware or did not work. Speaking with the line locating crew they have had more success locating lines using the tracer wire stations quick connect bolt. Using Reidterras’ tracer wire station makes it almost impossible for the tracer wire to not be in the same location…

Patrick Black

I like Reidterra Tracer Wire Stations. It provides a much neater look to the finished project and prevents the tracer wire from being cut off, so that lines will be found in the future.

Ken Murray

We have been installing Reidterra’s Tracer Wire Stations for the past three years and it has made the hand-off from construction to operations much more efficient. Everyone knows where the lines go to, and come from, which really helps when we complete our pressure test.

Joey Blaise